Are extended warranty packages worth it?

With so much to consider when you’re purchasing a new vehicle, it’s understandable that the options can get overwhelming. One of the options that we get asked about often is extended warranties and whether they’re actually worth it. To help you decide, keep reading to learn more about what an extended warranty is, their benefits, and how to choose one for your new car.

What is an Extended Warranty?

When you purchase a new INFINITI, your vehicle automatically comes with a limited warranty that covers you for a certain number of miles or set amount of time. For INFINITI vehicles, that covers your powertrain and other basic needs, along with emissions performance and defects. For some, that amount of coverage may be enough. However, extended warranties offer protection beyond what the limited warranty can cover. There are a few types you can get, such as a prepaid maintenance plan or total loss protection. 

Benefits of Extended Warranties

Depending on the type of warranty you’re looking for, there can be several benefits of the additional coverage. For instance, if your vehicle needs a repair covered by the warranty, you can bring it right back to Redwood City INFINITI for service. That means that your repairs are completed by technicians who are factory-trained and know your vehicle inside and out, in addition to using genuine INFINITI parts. If you ended up purchasing a prepaid maintenance plan, you no longer need to worry about paying for routine maintenance like oil changes or fluid flushes for the duration of the plan, which can save you stress and money. Simply bring your vehicle in, and we’ll take care of it. 

Available Packages

At Redwood City INFINITI, we offer a variety of warranty and protection plans to extend the life of your INFINITI. Since the level of coverage varies by driver, there’s a lot to choose from to help you protect your vehicle. Some of our plans include:

  • Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP)
  • Environmental Protection
  • Vehicle Service Contracts
  • Maintenance Plans
  • Roadside Assistance

Find Your Extended Warranty at Redwood City INFINITI

Want to know more about how you can protect your vehicle? Don’t hesitate to ask! Our team of experts can explain every plan in detail to help you choose the package that’s right for you. Contact us today to learn more.


Are extended warranty packages worth it? - Redwood City INFINITI

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