How to Use Amazon Alexa in Your New INFINITI

"Alexa, what's the weather?" You might be used to using your Amazon Alexa for your day-to-day tasks at home. But did you know that you can now use Alexa in your INFINITI? You can do a whole lot more than just play your favorite song or podcast. There's so much you can do with an Alexa-enabled INFINITI, and you can learn about all the features and how to use them from Redwood City INFINITI.

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How to Enable Amazon Alexa in Your INFINITI

To start using Amazon Alexa in your INFINITI, you  must first subscribe to INFINITI InTouch Services. Once you set up your account and choose a PIN, you can unlock access to a full suite of features that add even more convenience to your luxury vehicle.

What Amazon Alexa features can I use in my INFINITI?

Connect to Your Vehicle

You can use your home Alexa device to connect to any of your INFINITI vehicles. That's just the start!


Have you ever run inside during a storm and realized you didn't lock your doors? You can remotely lock and unlock the doors to your INFINITI using your Alexa device.

Flash Your Lights and Sound the Alarm

We all know it's nearly impossible to remember where you parked in a giant shopping center's parking lot. No worries - just ask Alexa to flash the lights or sound the alarm on your INFINITI to locate your vehicle at a moment's notice.

Remote Start

Nobody wants to get behind the wheel of their hot vehicle in the middle of a sunny Redwood City day. Instead of sweating it, just ask Alexa to start your INFINITI and get that AC going before it's time to leave.

Your Personal Assistant

You can make the most of your personal assistant with Alexa. Just ask to find the nearest drive-through, hotel, or movie theater and navigation will be ready when you get into your vehicle.

Set Alerts

Ask Alexa to set your boundary and speed alerts and the settings will be saved next time you get behind the wheel.

In-Car Voice Commands

Of course, you can do all your favorite things inside your INFINITI that you can at home, all without taking your hands off the wheel. Ask for turn-by-turn directions, play your favorite playlist, and make a phone call with voice commands.

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How to Use Amazon Alexa in Your New INFINITI - Redwood City INFINITI

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