How can I add apps to my INFINITI?

There are so many ways that INFINITI makes driving a luxury experience. One of those is by allowing you to customize your infotainment system with apps. Learn more about how to access apps and what you can download below.

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Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

There are several ways to install apps in your INFINITI.  Using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, you can access all your favorite apps through your INFINITI's touchscreen. Both are a standard feature on all new INFINITI models - all you need is an up-to-date iPhone or Android to connect. First, connect your phone via Bluetooth. Add it on the infotainment touchscreen under the "Devices" option on your menu. Once your phone is connected, you're free to access your apps through the menu. It's that easy! If wireless connection isn't possible, you also have the option to install apps through a USB connection to your smartphone.


INFINITI InTouch is a subscription-based service for your INFINITI that offers remote services and in-vehicle convenience. It allows you to access several apps in your INFINITI with hands-free access that helps you keep your eyes on the road while staying entertained or getting to your destination with ease.

Some examples of apps included with INFINITI InTouch include:

  • Google Calendar - View your upcoming appointments right on your vehicle's touchscreen. When you're on the move, you can even have your INFINITI read out your upcoming itinerary to keep your eyes on the road.
  • Navigation - Use the built-in navigation system to get to your navigation with helpful visual and audio alerts.
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot -  Use your INFINITI as a Wi-Fi hotspot with InTouch services to watch movies, download music, or use navigation without using cellular service.
  • Roadside Assistance - Get emergency help with the Roadside Assistance app on your INFINITI just by using your voice. An agent can send a tow truck or appropriate service right to your location.
  • Hands-Free Messaging - Need to send a text in the middle of your drive? Don't pull over or get distracted - instead, use the hands-free voice assistant to send your message for you.

What INFINITI models can I install apps on?

You can install your favorite apps on all new INFINITI models! Find the latest cars and SUVs from INFINITI today at Redwood City INFINITI and pay us a visit for an in-person demonstration on how to install apps.


How can I add apps to my INFINITI? - Redwood City INFINITI

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