Brake Service in Redwood City CA

Do your brake suddenly feel different? Is there suddenly a squeaking sound when you brake? If your brakes aren't performing like they should, it might be time to bring them in for service. At Redwood City INFINITI, our service station can perform expert brake service and repair, so no matter what level of service you need, we can have you covered.

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Types of Brake Repair Service

Your braking system is made up of several components that take a lot of wear and tear during your drives. Although INFINITI parts are expertly engineered and thoroughly tested, parts eventually wear out and need to be repaired or replaced. That's why we provide a full list of brake repair services to get you back on the road safely.

  • Brake Fluid Service
  • Rotor Repair
  • Full Brake Replacement
  • Brake Pad Replacement
  • Brake Inspection

Whenever you're in need of brake service, our team is here for you. Our team of factory-trained INFINITI technicians are experienced at repairing or replacing any type of brake issue, whether simple or complex. We use only genuine INFINITI parts, so you know you're driving home with nothing but the best for your vehicle. All INFINITI parts included a 12-month/12,000-mile limited warranty so you have extra peace of mind.

How to Know if Your Brakes Need Service

So, how are you supposed to know if your brakes need service? While not all problems are apparent right away, there are some signs you can look out for to ensure your brakes are always working their best.

  • Squeaking or squealing during braking
  • Grinding or metal-on-metal sounds during braking
  • Vibrations or pulling during braking

Sometimes, the solution is as simple as new fluid or pads. On the other hand, if your pads have been worn out for some time or there's another issue, you might need full repair or replacement. Either way, you can count on Redwood City INFINITI to get the parts you need fast and the repairs done correctly with quality service along the way.

Schedule Brake Service at Redwood City INFINITI

When you need the best brake service in Redwood City, bring your vehicle to Redwood City INFINITI. You can schedule online or by phone, so contact us today to get started.


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What maintenance plans are available for a new INFINITI?

Every car owner should know the importance of routine maintenance, but it's not always easy to remember to keep up with what needs to be done. If you're trying to make the most of your investment in a new vehicle, a maintenance plan can help. There are several prepaid maintenance plans available for your new INFINITI, and you can learn more about your options available at Redwood City INFINITI to help you make the best decision.

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What's Does a Prepaid Maintenance Plan Include?

When you buy a new INFINITI that's a 2023 model or later, you automatically get INFINITI Premium Care. It's a new incentive created by INFINITI to give back to our customers that includes:

  • Oil Changes
  • Tire Rotation
  • Inspections
  • Brake Fluid Changes
  • In-Cabin Air Filter Changes
  • Tire Road Hazard
  • Car Rental Assistance

INFINITI Premium Care lasts for three years after the purchase date and covers all of the above maintenance needs. Included services can vary by model, so be sure to ask at the time of purchasing your new INFINITI to see what's included. Then, when it's time for maintenance, you can bring your vehicle to our service center for top-of-the-line service from our factory-trained INFINITI technicians. We use nothing but genuine INFINITI parts and accessories to perform your maintenance, giving you the best service at no cost to you.

Available Maintenance Plans

What if you're looking at a new 2022 INFINITI that doesn't include Premium Care? In that case, you can purchase a similar plan or one with even more perks. For example, our general Maintenance Plan includes everything that Premium Care does, but there are other options if you want more coverage. Select Care is great for services that aren't included in the warranty or maintenance plan, like wiper blades and fuses. Plus, it includes emergency roadside service and rental reimbursement in case any serious repairs are needed. Then there's Road Hazard Tire & Wheel, which protects you against potholes, road debris, and other hazards. Your maintenance needs may extend beyond routine oil and filter changes, so having the right amount of coverage can end up saving you a lot down the line.

Find Maintenance Plans at Redwood City INFINITI

Do you want to know more about the full list of available maintenance plans for your new INFINITI? Contact us at Redwood City INFINITI for more information. We can explain every plan we offer and help you choose the one that works best for your new vehicle.


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Should I repair or sell my vehicle?

Many times, an unexpected breakdown or necessary repair for your vehicle can leave you with a case of sticker shock. We've all been there, wondering if it's even worth the cost of repair. So what should you do? If you're trying to decide between repairing or selling your vehicle, it can help to know your options. You can follow Redwood City INFINITI's guide to weigh the pros and cons of selling vs. repairing to help you make your final decision.

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Some of the most important things to take into consideration are the age and condition of your vehicle. If this is your vehicle's first repair, it's probably worth the investment, even if it's a pricey one. When you're faced with costly repairs, it can be helpful to make a budget to see where the repair fits in for you. Auto repair financing can be an option if the upfront cost is too much, and can go a long way to help you get your vehicle back sooner. If your vehicle is still on the low end for milage, you could have years left on it, making repairing a wise choice. Your vehicle could have a lot of life left in it, and paying for a repair could help it last even longer. Since some modern vehicles can go well past 200,000 and even up to 300,000 miles, the mileage is one more thing to consider.


How old is your vehicle? Has it already had several big repairs? If you're already stressed at the thought of the the next repair, then selling your vehicle might be your best bet. When you're in the market for a new vehicle, the easiest option is to sell directly to a dealership. They'll take care of all the repairs so you don't have to, and you can even find your vehicle's value before you decide to sell. At Redwood City INFINITI, our Buy-Back Program is designed to make selling easier, so you can get that vehicle off your hands and into a new one with more longevity. Then, you can apply the value of your old car to a new purchase or lease.

Repair or Sell at Redwood City INFINITI

Whatever your decision, the team at Redwood City INFINITI is here to help! Our service center's factory-trained technicians know the ins and outs of every INFINITI, and our sales team is ready to help you find the new or pre-owned vehicle you're searching for. Contact us today to learn more!


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INFINITI Engine Diagnostics Redwood City CA

You're driving down the road and suddenly, you see the dreaded check engine light. Should you pull over right away or keep driving and ignore it? The check engine light can feel intimidating, but diagnosing the problem is easy at Redwood City INFINITI. When you notice the light, bring your vehicle in for Engine Diagnostics at our Redwood City location for an instant assessment.

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What Causes the Check Engine Light to Come On?

If the check engine light suddenly comes on, it's easy to assume the worst. However, the light covers an entire range of potential problems from a loose gas cap to more serious problems. That's why it's important to run an engine diagnostic test to read the code stored in your vehicle's on-board computer system. An INFINITI technician at our service center will read the code and help you understand what the problem is, which may or may not be the engine itself. The check engine light can cover a huge range of issues, including:

  • Spark Plugs
  • Oxygen Sensor
  • Battery
  • Ignition
  • Catalytic Converter
  • Mass Airflow Sensor

Of course, the only way to know is to have the code read by a professional. While you should try not to panic at the sight of the check engine light, it is important to address the problem soon. That way, you can avoid any problems worsening and leaving you with a broken down vehicle and more expensive and time-consuming repairs. As soon as you see the light come on steadily or start blinking, you can contact the service center at Redwood City INFINITI. Our factory-trained INFINITI technicians can perform a quick assessment and address any repairs or parts replacement services you might need. We only use genuine INFINITI parts to service your vehicle, so you can drive away with the assurance of a complete repair. Once you're finished, the check engine light will either reset itself or we'll do it manually.

car engine

Engine Diagnostics at Redwood City INFINITI

Who better to complete your diagnostics and repairs than the INFINITI experts? Redwood City INFINITI's team of technicians is highly qualified and experienced in performing engine diagnostics, vehicle maintenance, and complex repairs on the full range of INFINITI vehicles. Contact us today to learn more!

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What is INFINITI Premium Care?

Owning an INFINITI just got a little bit sweeter! For all 2023 model year vehicles, INFINITI Premium Care is now a standard perk. INFINITI Premium Care is a pre-paid maintenance program that is complementary with every new INFINITI purchased or leased from Redwood City INFINITI, and you can learn all there is to know about this maintenance package right here.

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What services are included in INFINITI Premium Care?

In order to continue providing premium services to its customers, INFINITI has announced that Premium Care will include the following scheduled maintenance services for three years.

  • Inspections
  • Oil Changes
  • Tire Rotations
  • Brake Fluid Changes
  • In-Cabin Microfilter Replacement
  • Tire Road Hazard
  • Engine Air Filters
  • Car Rental Assistance

That means that every new vehicle purchased here at Redwood City INFINITI will continue to receive only the best in customer service and maintenance. When you purchase or lease your 2023 INFINITI, Premium Care is automatically included with your purchase at no extra cost. So when the time comes for maintenance, simply schedule your service with our qualified factory-trained technicians. Then leave the rest to us! The service was designed to ensure our customers receive the high-quality service and perks they expect from INFINITI while they make the most of their new luxury vehicle.

Which models include INFINITI Premium Care?

Every 2023 INFINITI model includes Premium Care! Along with receiving three years of scheduled maintenance, you can also apply for financing or explore lease offers directly through Redwood City INFINITI. Our current lineup of available 2023 models includes:

  • 2023 INFINITI Q50
  • 2023 INFINITI QX50
  • 2023 INFINITI QX55
  • 2023 INFINITI QX60
  • And more arriving soon!

Find Your New INFINITI Today

Do you want to see the 2023 lineup of INFINITI vehicles for yourself? Come visit us at Redwood City INFINITI today! We'd love to help you schedule a test drive, learn about our financing and lease options, and explore our full list of services. Feel free to browse our online inventory before visiting us for a personalized car buying experience, and contact us today to learn more.

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Does my new INFINITI need paint and fabric protection?

There's a lot to consider when you're shopping for a new or used vehicle. With so many options and add-ons available, it can be difficult to decide what's worth it and what isn't. Paint and fabric protection is one of those options, but is it really worth it? Find out why adding extra protection to your new INFINITI is a worthwhile investment and what it includes.

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What Does Paint and Fabric Protection Include?

With our Paint and Fabric Protection, you get the added assurance of protection both inside and outside your new INFINITI. First, our experienced technicians apply an exterior sealant that protects your paint from acid rain, oxidation, sun damage, tree sap, and other factors that can cause damage. It doesn't change the look of your paint, but it does add an invisible layer of defense.

Zurich Shield has many benefits:

  • A protected vehicle retains more resale value and saves money on detailing or repainting.
  • If the Paint and Fabric Protection fails, we'll cover the cost of repairs.
  • We'll also cover the cost of a rental during repair.
  • Sealant can be reapplied as often as necessary to keep your vehicle protected.

The interior fabric protection works similarly to the exterior spray, but it's made specifically for vehicle fabric like cloth and even leather. It preserves the color of the seating material by repelling stains and preventing premature aging from regular use. Clean-ups are easier, and it will help your seating and carpet last longer while looking fresh and clean.

cleaning seats in vehicle

Paint and Fabric Protection at Redwood City INFINITI

At Redwood City INFINITI, all of our vehicles come with paint and fabric protection. We believe in helping you protect your investment, and we do that by including Zurich Shield services to keep your new vehicle looking its best. Paint and fabric protection is built into our simple pricing, so you know you're getting the best price for your brand new car. We guarantee expert application backed by the Zurich Shield warranty. Contact us today for more information, and be sure to check out our inventory of new and used vehicles with included Fabric and Paint Protection!


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How to Know When to Replace Your Tires

Like any other part on your vehicle, tires need to be replaced eventually. But how can you tell when it's time for new tires? These are some of the signs to look out for to stay safe on the road and avoid flat tires.

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Signs You Need New Tires

These are some of the most common signs that it's time to replace your tires. However, if you ever have any questions, it's best to consult an experienced technician who can explain more.

Low Tread Depth

Tread is the most valuable component on a tire to give you traction and control. Your tires need enough tread to grip the road, allowing you to brake and accelerate safely and smoothly. Low tread depth is dangerous because it can affect your ability to brake, increasing the likelihood of a collision. On top of the danger, driving with low tread reduces your fuel economy, costing you more over time.

Signs of Damage

Road debris like nails and rocks can easily pierce your tires. Although it's not always evident immediately, an imbedded nail or stone will eventually cause the tire to fail. Other types of damage can include bubbles or bulges, usually caused by rough road conditions like potholes or ruts. Any visible damage should always be addressed as soon as possible.

Irregular Wear

Misalignment is the main cause of irregular tread wear. If your tread is wearing abnormally fast or unevenly, an alignment is usually a necessary step to correct the problem. Unfortunately, if the wear is bad enough, you might have to replace your tires altogether on top of getting an alignment.

Tire Age

How long have you had your tires? Depending on how often you use your vehicle and for what purpose, you might have had your tires for over five years. If that's the case, it's probably time for a replacement. Even if they still look decent, age can play a role in the integrity of your tires. Small cracks, tears, and dry rot are inevitable over time, so it's a good idea to replace the tires before they cause a blowout.

Changing Seasons

Different tires aren't only necessary for snowy conditions. Extreme heat causes excess wear and tear on your tires, and different types of tires can have different ratings for temperature. Even those rated highly can take a beating from hot pavement, so try to check your tires more often during heatwaves.

damaged tire

Find New Tires at Redwood City INFINITI

If it's time for all new tires, the service team at Redwood City INFINITI is here to help. Whether you are performing the replacement yourself or need a personal touch, you can choose from a wide selection of tires to find your best fit. Our experienced technicians are happy to mount and balance your tires, ensuring a long life ahead. Check out our tire selection online, or contact our service department for fast and friendly service today!

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Where to Get a Front End Alignment in Redwood City CA

All vehicles require maintenance, and you've probably heard of aligning your vehicle as part of that maintenance. But are you familiar with why you should check your alignment? Front-end alignment is an essential part of a well-running vehicle and can greatly impact the longevity and quality of your vehicle.

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Signs You Need Front-End Alignment

So, how do you know if you need a front-end alignment? First of all, front-end alignments are typically reserved for two-wheel drive vehicles, while AWD or 4WD would require a 4-wheel alignment. If you do have a FWD vehicle, these are some of the signs to look out for that it might be time for an alignment.

  • Is your car pulling to one side or the other while you drive? If you have to compensate by turning your steering wheel when you're trying to drive straight, it's probably time for an alignment.
  • Take a look at each tire's tread wear. Are the front or back tires wearing unevenly? Does each individual tire have more wear on the inside or outside? Uneven wear indicates misalignment.
  • Does your steering wheel vibrate while you're in motion? This could be an indication that the front and back wheels aren't aligned with each other and need realignment.
  • Did you just replace your tires? New tires might mean that you should check the alignment. Luckily, this can be done at the time of your tire replacement service to save you time.
  • Frequent travel on dirt or rough roads can slowly put your wheels out of alignment. If that's the case, you should have your alignment checked more often than if you only drive on smooth roads.

Why Is Alignment Necessary?

A front-end alignment is necessary to fix all of the above issues. Often, if your vehicle has poor alignment, you need to pay for the alignment as well as new tires, especially if they have uneven wear. On top of that, a misaligned front end puts extra stress on your suspension, adding to the list of repairs. Routine alignment will save your tires, suspension, wheels, and could even increase your gas mileage. While it's not something that's necessary at specific intervals, you should at least have your alignment checked out as part of routine maintenance.

2023 infiniti q50 front tire and wheel

Front-End Alignments in Redwood City

The service center at Redwood City INFINITI is well-equipped for alignments of all types. We honor all INFINITI warranties, including providing a complimentary courtesy vehicle in the event that yours requires extensive service. You can trust our experienced technicians to provide the best service for your vehicle, including alignments, oil changes, and more. Schedule an alignment check today to ensure your vehicle operates as it should, and don't hesitate to ask about our service specials! We look forward to helping your INFINITI last.

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Where can I get regular automotive maintenance in Redwood City, CA?

If you're looking for a reliable automotive maintenance and service shop in Redwood City, CA, you can find it all right here at Redwood City INFINITI. Our factory-trained technicians use genuine INFINITI parts to perform whatever regular maintenance you need, so you can drive away assured that you just extended the life of your vehicle.

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Our Redwood City Maintenance Services

Not sure what type of maintenance your vehicle need? No problem! We have a few simple ways to determine the level of service your INFINITI vehicle needs. First, you can use our online scheduling. Answer a few questions like the make, model, and mileage of your vehicle. From there, we can determine which types of maintenance your car could use, or you can pick from our list of suggestions. If you'd rather talk to an expert, our technicians are available to answer your questions and customize a service plan for you.

brake rotor

Our list of automotive maintenance services includes:

Oil Change

Motor oil and filter changes are the most common type of maintenance. Oil is necessary to keep your engine running smoothly and properly. It lubricates the engine to keep metal from rubbing on metal, but over time, it can become sludgy, dark, or filled with dirt and other debris. Changing your oil and filter is recommended for most INFINITI models between 5,000 and 10,000 miles, or every 6-12 months.

Tire Rotation

We recommend rotating your tires about every 6 months so that they wear evenly and last longer. Uneven wear can lead to flat tires, poor handling, and more frequent replacement.

Engine Diagnostics

Did your check engine light suddenly turn on? Car not running as it should or making strange noises? We can perform engine diagnostics to determine the cause of the problem, then form a solution and perform any repairs or maintenance.

Transmission Repair

Our transmission repair services include fluid top-off and flushing, cable adjustments, and other minor changes to your transmission. If you need full replacement, we can use a genuine INFINITI part to get you back on the road.

Brake Service

From replacing brake pads to rotor repair, our technicians can keep you safe and get you back behind the wheel faster. We can also flush brake fluid, clean the components, and more to keep your brakes working as they should.

Automotive Maintenance at Redwood City INFINITI

Ready to schedule your service? We serve Redwood City and the surrounding areas with fast, professional service. Use our online form above, or call to speak directly to our service department. We're available six days a week, including mornings and evenings, for your convenience. Be sure to check out our monthly service specials to save on your maintenance needs!

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Where can I get new tires for my INFINITI vehicle in Redwood City, CA?

Taking care of your tires is important for a multitude of reasons. There are few things worse when it comes to owning a vehicle than unexpectedly having to replace your tires, but taking care of them can help eliminate this. That’s not to say you won’t eventually need to replace them, but taking good care of them can increase the longevity of your tires and make sure that when you do need to replace them it isn’t unexpected. If it is time for you to get new tires for your INFINITI vehicle in Redwood City, California, you can find them right here at the Redwood City INFINITI Service & Parts Department.

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How do I take care of my tires?

2014 INFINITI Q50 WheelThere are a few great services to stay on top of that will help you take care of your tires and increase their longevity. Stay on top of your tire pressure, get your tires rotated whenever you get the oil changed, and make sure to check your alignment on a regular basis. These three things will help you to get the most out of your tires.

How do I know when I need to replace them?

Naturally, if anything unexpected happens to your tires, such as running over a nail, you’re most likely going to have to replace your tires and there isn’t much that can be done about this unexpected replacement. But taking care of your tires, as we mentioned above, can help the tread on your tires wear out more evenly and thus increase the amount of time you can utilize those tires.

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Eventually, even if you stay on top of the services we mentioned in the previous section, your tread depth will wear out past the point where it’s safe to continue driving on them. That’s when you should bring your vehicle in to get them replaced. You can check your tread depth by sticking a penny in the grooves of your tire with Lincoln’s head face down. If you can still see his forehead, then it’s time for a new set of tires. If that’s the case, be sure to give us a call to schedule an appointment.

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Where can I get my brakes checked in Redwood City, CA?

While you might not think about them as often as you think about getting your oil changed, it’s important to get your brakes checked on a regular basis as well. If you’re looking to get your brakes checked or serviced here in Redwood City, California, or the immediate area, we’ve got you covered right here at Redwood City INFINITI. Our expert technicians are well equipped to take a look at your brakes, assess whether or not they need serviced, then take care of anything necessary.

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When should I get my brakes checked?

Brake RotorTypically, it’s a good idea to have someone inspect your brakes every six months. A lot of times this can simply be done at the same time as your oil change or your tire rotation or perhaps as part of a multi-point inspection. Regardless, it’s important to have someone checking out your brakes regularly as anything going on with your brakes can quickly lead to big time problems, both to your vehicle and potentially to you and any passengers you take along with you.

In addition to keeping them looked at regularly, there are a few telltale signs that you should bring your vehicle in immediately to have someone check out your brakes. While these things won’t always mean something is wrong with your brakes, they’re great warning signs that you should heed just in case.

  • Naturally, if your brake warning light is on, it’s a pretty good idea to bring it in
  • If you notice that your brake fluid is significantly lower than it should be or appears to be very dirty
  • If you notice a strange sound as you depress the brake pedal, particularly grinding or squealing
  • If you notice that your brake pedal feels strange as you press it, particularly less firm than normal
  • If you feel frequent or severe vibrating as you slow your vehicle to a stop
  • If your vehicle pulls off to one side or the other as you are braking

You can also check your own brake pads to see if they’re worn down, if you know how to determine this. The best piece of advice we can give you is… if you have any doubts, just bring it in. It can’t hurt to be overly cautious when it comes to safety. Just bring your vehicle in right here to the Redwood City INFINITI Service Center!

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Where can I get my oil changed in Redwood City, CA?

Our relationship doesn’t end when you drive your new INFINITI vehicle off of the lot for the first time. Here at Redwood City INFINITI, we’re committed to taking care of you and your new vehicle long after the keys are in your hand. Whatever your automotive needs, we’re dedicated to making sure we can keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. So, when it comes time to get your oil changed here in Redwood City, California, we can take care of you right here at our service center.

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When should I get my oil changed?

2022 INFINITI QX60 Exterior Driver Side Front ProfileThis is one of the most common questions asked when it comes to automotive service, most likely because the number has slowly changed over the last several years. Not all that long ago, the answer to this question would’ve been every 3 months or 3,000 miles, but because of advancements in technology and automotive engineering, that’s no longer the case.

Most manufacturers now recommend getting your oil changed every six months or 7,500 miles, whichever comes first. This can vary by make and model, but it’s a good general rule of thumb to follow. To find out for sure how often you should be getting your oil changed, we recommend checking your owner’s manual or simply giving us a call here at the service desk.

If it’s time for you to get the oil changed in your INFINITI vehicle, feel free to schedule an appointment for your earliest convenience right here on our website. You can follow the link up above for an easy form to schedule, otherwise just give us a call here at the desk. Be sure to check out our service & parts specials to see if there are any coupons you can take advantage of before you get here!

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Where to Buy New Tires for Your INFINITI

INFINITI Tires and Tire Services in Redwood City CA

People think about getting gas for their car, changing the oil, and even getting air filters regularly replaced, but they often forget about tires. You ride on that rubber day in and day out. Its grip keeps you safely on the road, even in the rain. When that rubber starts getting thin you may not even notice it, but you’ll definitely want to replace that rubber before you do, as it often becomes noticeable in a rather abrupt fashion. That’s where Redwood City INFINITI comes in with our INFINITI tires and tire services in Redwood City, CA.

Shop For INFINITI Tires

How to Tell When Your INFINITI Tires Need to be Replaced?

INFINITI QX80 at Rebelle Rally with tires in the backWithout being extraordinarily in tune with your car, you aren’t going to be able to feel tire wear in the way it handles, though if you have another similar vehicle it may feel different on more slick surfaces. However, a slick surface is the last place you want to find out you need new rubber.

The better way to tell is by checking your tread depth. At Redwood City INFINITI, we can use our advanced equipment to check your tread depth with extreme precision to tell you how healthy your tires are. If they are healthy, we can provide greater longevity to them by rotating them and making sure everything is in proper alignment. You can also check your tread depth at home with a penny. It’s not the most precise measurement, but it will give you a baseline. Stick a normal penny in the gaps between your tread with Lincoln’s head upsidedown. If the tread doesn’t obscure his head, then your tread depth is too low.

Schedule Tire Service at Redwood City INFINITI

Why is Tread Depth a Good Indicator of Tire Wear?

Tires are killed in three ways. Puncture, age, and wear. If you drive your vehicle regularly, age isn’t going to be your first issue. It takes several years for tire rubber to become brittle and crack. However, high temperatures or improper inflation can speed up the aging process. Punctures, you are likely familiar with. Large ones can cause a blowout, small ones can cause a flat, and even smaller ones can mean many trips to get your tires refilled. If you are refilling often, you should think about replacement tires before a small problem turns into a big one.

Wear brings your tread depth down slowly over time. When that tread depth is deep, it allows your tread to flex and contour to the road. As it shrinks and wears, your tires will provide less grip, especially on wet surfaces as that depth gives water a place to go so that your rubber still maintains contact with the road. Once you have bald tires, you’ll have very little grip, be risking a blowout, and even a little rain will make the roads feel like ice.

Advantages of Buying Used INFINITI Models at Redwood City INFINITI


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Why get Your Oil Changed at Redwood City INFINITI?

What Does an INFINITI Oil Change Cost?

No one can claim that they like getting an oil change. Your car never needs one at a convenient time making it always a hassle to give your car the care it deserves. However, if you can get one affordably at a dealership that can work around your schedule, then it turns an annoying necessity into a solvable problem. What does an INFINITI oil change cost at Redwood City INFINITI? We can make it more affordable than you’d expect!

How much does an oil change cost at Redwood City INFINITI?

An INFINITI service tech pouring Mobil oil into an INFINITI modelThe prices of our oil changes vary depending on the deals you can take advantage of and your car’s needs. For example, currently, until 1/31/22, we have a $15 discount on all oil changes scheduled through our online scheduler. If you need a price quote for your model with current specials and offers, feel free to give us a call. You can even schedule your service over the phone.

You can always check out our current service specials and offers right online through the link that we have below. We try to offer service deals on anything you might need not just including oil changes but also battery service, brake pad replacements, wheel alignments, cabin air filter replacements, parts, and more! Check out our specials right now for the most up-to-date deals.

Redwood City INFINITI Service Specials

Advantages of Simple Maintenance at Redwood City INFINITI

At Redwood City INFINITI, you may have heard that we like things to be simple. From the Simple Pricing we offer on our new and used inventory, to our Simple Maintenance. You can get started scheduling your INFINITI maintenance right online and for returning customers, our service scheduler will remember who you are, recommend the service that you need done, and let you skip filling in all your personal information each time. We truly strive to keep things SIMPLE! Schedule your INFINITI service below.

Schedule INFINITI Service Online

Our service center is located right alongside our dealership here in Redwood City. With our proximity to the 101 and the San Mateo-Hayward Bridge we are easy to reach from many places in the Bay Area including Oakland, Berkeley, and more!

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Where to get INFINITI maintenance?

INFINITI Oil Change coupons near San Jose CA

Is it that time again? Do you need an oil change or routine maintenance on your INFINITI? Though it should be painless, that is not always the case, unless you come to Redwood City INFINITI. Not only do we make the entire service process simple, easy, and convenient, but our location means we can serve all the surrounding areas including Alameda County and even San Jose to our south. If you are looking for INFINITI oil change coupons near San Jose, CA, then turn to us and check out our service specials with the link below.

INFINITI Service Coupons

INFINITI maintenance specials near San Jose CA

Service technician replacing battery in an INFINITIRedwood City INFINITI always has deals that you can take advantage of in our service department. We are quick with an oil change, and we almost always have an oil change special running, but we also routinely have maintenance specials on brake fluid fills, coolant checks, transmission service, battery replacement, cabin filters, air filters, and more!

If you need INFINITI maintenance in Redwood City, San Jose, Alameda County, or any of the surrounding areas, be sure to come to INFINITI Redwood City first! Don’t forget you can also rely on us for all other INFINITI service as well. From the routine to the major, we are here for you.

Can you buy a used car online near San Jose?

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Woman stirring coffee in a service waiting room at an INFINTI dealershipAt Redwood City INFINITI we are all about making your life easier. You can see it in our friendly salespeople who are always ready to help you whether you are buying a new INFINITI or something from our used inventory. You can also see it in our service personnel who are always honest, straightforward, fast, and friendly.

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On top of that, we make it easy to schedule INFINITI service and maintenance appointments. You can start with our online service scheduler. You just have to give us some basic details about yourself, your car, what you want to be done, select your appointment time, and you can even take advantage of our complimentary Lyft shuttle service within a 10-mile radius.

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Where is Redwood City INFINITI?

Our service center is located right alongside our dealership here in Redwood City. We are at 543 El Camino Real making us just a short drive up the 101 from San Jose. We’re also easy to reach from our friends across the water in Hayward and Newark. Come visit us today either online or at our dealership!

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