Making an investment in any product means doing your research, so start your INFINITI search by reading car reviews. These reviews provide vital details about vehicles that may be considered for purchase by drivers around Redwood City, California. You select the reviews you prefer to read, on whatever type of INFINITI you want, and then follow up with a visit to Redwood City INFINITI.

Spend a moment absorbing the important information we offer about the cars in our INFINITI inventory. To read a review, click the corresponding button on this page.

Learn about our INFINITI inventory

How much do you know about the INFINITI brand? Even if you’re a seasoned INFINITI owner, you may need to educate yourself on the latest list of vehicles. Updates on the technology menu or what’s standard and what’s available as far as driver-assist systems go, for example, will be covered in a review. A more in-depth review may delve into the car’s reliability or interior dimensions and features.

If you’re interested in looking at an INFINITI luxury sedan, we can recommend the INFINITI Q50, which provides an exhilarating ride, or the INFINITI Q60 that includes Intelligent All-Wheel Drive (AWD) in a sporty body. We also offer vehicles in the INFINITI luxury SUV lineup, like the award-winning INFINITI QX50 or the INFINITI QX60, a generously proportioned and amenity-rich SUV.

What you’ll discover from a car review

Many aspects will be covered in each full review of an INFINITI vehicle, which can help you determine what vehicle you pursue. A standard review covers these key elements: performance, interior, safety, and technology. For those interested, you may be most concerned with gas mileage or entertainment options, so these reviews supply extra information.

Some reviews will distinguish between the trim levels of each INFINITI vehicle, so you know what to expect in each trim. It explains about the highlighted systems that come standard or ones that may be available in higher trims or through add-on packages. Simply load up our site on your smartphone and read whenever you need more information.

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