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Sell Your Car

When you decide to sell your car, you may envision yourself posting creative ads, considering different offers, and giving your former car a great home. This sounds like a dream, but selling a car takes a lot of energy and consumes your extra time. Since we’re in the car business, we know how to take your vehicle off your hands and market it to the right buyers.

To start selling your car, complete the KBB Instant Cash Offer form on our website. It asks you detailed questions about your ride, so we know how to position it within our inventory. If you know your car well, this should only take a few minutes to complete.

By selling your vehicle to us, you’re truly doing us a favor. We scout out versatile vehicles to fill our inventory, and we rely on trade-ins and car sales to build it up. Our sales professionals get excited about showing off a new vehicle from the lot that can bring a new driver many joyful journeys.


You may prefer to trade in your car, especially if you’re hankering for a new car to replace it. We provide the inventory, and you provide your older car. If you want to gauge its worth before you buy your new car, check out our value your trade tool. It’s conveniently located on our website and requires minimal information. We’ll contact you through text to give you our latest estimate.
Go shopping by diving into our inventory. We offer a range of Mitsubishi vehicles, including top sellers like the Outlander and Outlander Sport. View the vehicle listings online or in person. However, we recommend you do both. That way, you can research the cars you like most and test out the select few at our dealership.


If you want to buy a car here, we’re happy to oblige. Our sales staff can shepherd you through the inventory, while our team of experts in the finance department details what your financing options may be.
Maybe you want a short-term commitment like a lease. Maybe you’re set on matching up with one car for the long haul. Whatever you decide, you’ll get the input of savvy experts who will happily set up a satisfying loan package for you.

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