Tips for Buying Used Cars in the Bay Area

Bay Area Used Car Buying Options

Buying a used car used to be simpler. With the growth of online scammers and the reduction in automotive availability, especially in the Bay Area, things are getting difficult. If you are exploring your Bay Area used car buying options and you need tips for buying used cars in the Bay Area, then we are here to help.

Why should you avoid buying a car privately?

What does buying privately even mean? Basically, it’s when you buy a car (or anything) directly from someone else. This means no business is involved. You are buying privately from someone who is selling their vehicle privately.

This type of purchase actually opens you up to a ton of liability. Many people are looking to scam you out of your time, out of your money, and out of a car. There are legal protections in place for you, but they will not always make you whole again, and they take more time away from you that you could be using enjoying the car you wanted or even needed.

Guy walking up to an INFINITI SUVWhy is it hard to find cars from used car dealerships?

Used car dealerships never had the market cornered on used cars by any stretch of the imagination. Often, they operated by buying from auctions or even from new car dealerships that simply didn’t have the room for the used vehicles they were getting in trade or off lease return.

However, since the pandemic, new cars have become scarce. Not only does this mean that used car demand is on the rise, but new car dealerships like Redwood City INFINITI are suddenly able to leverage the used car inventory that they would have been trying to unload quickly to used car dealerships in the past. In short, when cars are scarce, buying used from a new car dealership becomes a better option.

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Are new car dealerships a good option for buying used in the Bay Area?

The cool thing about new car dealerships having a wider used car selection is that they are often in a position to offer better prices especially. With Redwood City INFINITI, not only can you cross-shop our used inventory alongside new options like the QX60, but you also get the added benefit of our simplified pricing.

We believe in providing one price for each car. That means we put our best price forward, and we list it right on our website so you can start making your financial decisions right from your home.

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Bay Area Used Car Buying Options

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