Where can I get regular automotive maintenance in Redwood City, CA?

If you're looking for a reliable automotive maintenance and service shop in Redwood City, CA, you can find it all right here at Redwood City INFINITI. Our factory-trained technicians use genuine INFINITI parts to perform whatever regular maintenance you need, so you can drive away assured that you just extended the life of your vehicle.

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Our Redwood City Maintenance Services

Not sure what type of maintenance your vehicle need? No problem! We have a few simple ways to determine the level of service your INFINITI vehicle needs. First, you can use our online scheduling. Answer a few questions like the make, model, and mileage of your vehicle. From there, we can determine which types of maintenance your car could use, or you can pick from our list of suggestions. If you'd rather talk to an expert, our technicians are available to answer your questions and customize a service plan for you.

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Our list of automotive maintenance services includes:

Oil Change

Motor oil and filter changes are the most common type of maintenance. Oil is necessary to keep your engine running smoothly and properly. It lubricates the engine to keep metal from rubbing on metal, but over time, it can become sludgy, dark, or filled with dirt and other debris. Changing your oil and filter is recommended for most INFINITI models between 5,000 and 10,000 miles, or every 6-12 months.

Tire Rotation

We recommend rotating your tires about every 6 months so that they wear evenly and last longer. Uneven wear can lead to flat tires, poor handling, and more frequent replacement.

Engine Diagnostics

Did your check engine light suddenly turn on? Car not running as it should or making strange noises? We can perform engine diagnostics to determine the cause of the problem, then form a solution and perform any repairs or maintenance.

Transmission Repair

Our transmission repair services include fluid top-off and flushing, cable adjustments, and other minor changes to your transmission. If you need full replacement, we can use a genuine INFINITI part to get you back on the road.

Brake Service

From replacing brake pads to rotor repair, our technicians can keep you safe and get you back behind the wheel faster. We can also flush brake fluid, clean the components, and more to keep your brakes working as they should.

Automotive Maintenance at Redwood City INFINITI

Ready to schedule your service? We serve Redwood City and the surrounding areas with fast, professional service. Use our online form above, or call to speak directly to our service department. We're available six days a week, including mornings and evenings, for your convenience. Be sure to check out our monthly service specials to save on your maintenance needs!


Where can I get regular automotive maintenance in Redwood City, CA? - Redwood City INFINITI

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