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Have you been wanting to sell your current vehicle before driving away in your new INFINITI purchase or lease? Do you need an easy and convenient tool that can help you calculate your vehicle’s worth? You’re in the right place. Our team at Redwood City INFINITI wants to introduce you to our Buy-Back Vehicle Program!

Want to learn more about this program and how you can sell your car to us? Continue reading! We’ll teach our Redwood City, San Francisco, and San Mateo, CA, clients everything they need to know before selling their car. Let’s get started.

What Is the Buy-Back Vehicle Program?

Our Buy-Back Vehicle Program is a huge event at our dealership! By either visiting our dealership or filling out the form online, you can easily sell your vehicle to us. We are dedicated to making your car-selling journey as easy as possible. That's why our online tool is easy to use and accurate.

Want to take part in this program? All you have to do is visit our dealership or get started on our webpage! If you have questions along the way, feel free to reach out to our friendly staff. They’ll be happy to walk any first-time sellers or returning customers through the entire process.

What’s My Car Worth?

If you’re interested in selling your car to us, doing research ahead of time can help you gauge what an accurate asking price would be for your vehicle. Fortunately, our Buy-Back Vehicle Program features a convenient valuation tool that can calculate your car’s worth.

Using our valuation tool is simple! Before you fill out the application, make sure you have this information on hand:

  • Vehicle Information: Year, make, model, VIN, mileage, and more.
  • Vehicle Rating: A personal assessment of your vehicle’s body, glass, engine, tires, transmission, exhaust, and interior.
  • Vehicle History: Do you have a record of service, lease, or rental available?
  • Vehicle Assessment: An additional assessment of your vehicle’s existing damage, prior accidents, and more.

If you need any assistance as you fill out this form, please feel free to give us a ring.

Why Sell Your Car to Our INFINITI Dealer?

Selling your vehicle before purchasing or leasing a new one is an easy way to receive money back for a down payment or if you want to go towards a higher trim level model.

Additionally, selling it to our dealership is a simple and quick way to get the car off your hands. While you do have the option to sell it at home, selling it at our dealership hands us all the responsibility. This can greatly benefit you if your busy schedule doesn’t lend as much time as you’d want to sell the car yourself.

Want to Buy or Lease an INFINITI?

Taking part in our Buy-Back Vehicle Program is a great way to find your next vehicle as well. If you choose to do business at our dealership, you can sell your car to us and then immediately start searching for your next INFINITI in our new or pre-owned inventories.

Learn More About Our Buy-Back Vehicle Program

Ready to sell your car to Redwood City INFINITI? If so, you can learn more about our program at our dealership near Redwood City, San Francisco, and San Mateo, California, today. 

  • Contact Information

  • Vehicle Information

  • Vehicle Rating

  • Vehicle History

  • Title History

  • Vehicle Assessment

This is a huge event. Please complete this form or just drive your vehicle to Redwood City INFINITI. We will buy it. Simple!

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