To protect your investment, all our vehicles come with Paint and Fabric Protection.

We believe in total transparency, which is why we let you know up-front that these accessories have already been installed on the vehicle and are included in our “Simple Price”. These accessories cannot be removed once applied to and installed.

Additional Information and Benefits:

Paint and Fabric Protection - Zurich Shield

Help protect against life's messy accidents

Our Paint and Fabric protection is a sealant that is applied to the exterior of every vehicle, to help shield it against harmful environmental elements like acid rain, tree sap, bird waste, road salt, and more.

Applied to the leather and fabric interior, it helps reduce the signs of aging and protect against food spills, make up, chewing gum, and even pet stains.

  • Seals and protects paint surfaces
  • Protects against weather-induced fading and loss of gloss
  • If EPP fails to perform, the damaged portion of the vehicle will be treated.
  • Rental reimbursement should vehicle need treatment
  • Renewable
  • Transferable to next owner
  • Makes clean up easy
  • Creates a barrier against stains
  • Delays fading
  • Extends life of fabric seats and carpet
  • Protects against premature aging of leather and vinyl

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