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People looking for cars are struggling to find them. New or used, the struggle is real. However, there may be a solution for those looking on the Peninsula for used cars. Redwood City INFINITI is known for the brand that it carries in its name, but we always carry a strong used inventory with a ton of options for everybody from used cars and used SUVs to used trucks and even the occasional used van. Search through our Peninsula used cars by clicking the link below.

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Why Buy Used Vehicles at Redwood City INFINITI

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The Used Brands You Want

Finding a car is hard, finding the right car is even harder, but at Redwood City INFINITI, we have the used car brands you are looking for. Our brands are by no means limited to INFINITI in our used inventory.

You will find both domestic and import options. When it comes to our used inventory, don’t think of us as an INFINITI dealer. Think of us as an everything dealer.

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The Prices You Need

The used car market has never been this competitive, but we are still able to offer options for everybody. With a large number of options available with a variety of price points, you can find something you can afford and something you’ll like.

What’s more, right from your inventory you can begin the financing process. Adjust your terms, experiment, and find out what your payments are going to be. You can even get prequalified online today!

Simple Pricing at Redwood City INFINITI

There’s an old-school thought process when it comes to pricing cars. Price it only low enough to get them to the negotiating table. The idea is, to overprice the car so that the dealership has an opportunity to make the most money possible depending only on our negotiating skills. That's not a very customer-friendly concept.

At Redwood City INFINITI, we are a Carnamic Car Center, and that means Simple Pricing. We put our best price on every car. No calling to get the real price or seeing a different price in the showroom than what we list online. We deliver our best price on every car so that you never have to negotiate or haggle to get a great deal at Redwood City INFINITI.

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