Can I program my own INFINITI Intelligent Key?

When you purchase a new INFINITI, you get access to all the latest technology and security features that a luxury vehicle has to offer. One of those features is the Intelligent Key, a hands-free way to access and customize your INFINITI car or SUV. The Intelligent Key fob naturally has our customers asking lots of questions about how it works, and you can learn more about the Intelligent Key here at Redwood City INFINITI.

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What is the INFINITI Intelligent Key?

The Intelligent Key adds another level of convenience to driving your INFINITI vehicle. Your Intelligent Key allows your INFINITI to recognize you as you approach to unlock your doors, start the engine, and get everything ready to your specifications. It can set your preferred temperature, adjust the seat settings, and even turn on the radio to your favorite station. Personalize your vehicle to your heart's content while maintaining your safety and security through use of the Intelligent Key.

INFINITI Intelligent Key Fob

Can you program your own INFINITI Intelligent Key?

When you purchase a new INFINITI, a member of the Redwood City INFINITI team will program your Intelligent Key for you. Many models even have the option to program multiple keys, allowing you and anyone else who drives the vehicle to have personalization right in your pocket. Your vehicle will recognize which key is approaching and adjust the settings accordingly.

Should you ever need to re-program your key or sync a new one, we're always happy to help! Just bring your INFINITI to our dealership and we'll set you up. Issues with your Intelligent Key could be as simple as a battery replacement or might indicate a more complex issue, so it's always a good idea to visit our INFINITI experts.

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Can I program my own INFINITI Intelligent Key? - Redwood City INFINITI

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